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Support for Life Science Digital Marketing

Support for Life Science Digital Marketing

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Yes, we use the “A” word.  Because when we work with you, we don’t just design a solution, walk away, and wish you good luck. We stick around to make it work.  We tweak, scale, pivot — whatever is needed. We make sure that your solution delivers exactly what you need.

Sustainable Strategies

We do not do “quick-fix” marketing campaigns that you use once and throw away.  Our focus is on carefully designed strategies that will keep delivering for you over a long time.  These are strategies that you can trust, build on, expand and enrich.  They are the foundations of sustainable business growth.

Thoughtful Technologies

Technology is critical, but not all technology is critical.  It all depends on the details of your business.  We help clients identify the technologies they need and make sure those technologies perform effectively.  We take a long view and recommend investments carefully, with the client’s specific goals in the forefront.

“Pacific Biomarketing applied their technical marketing skills to open up two major new technology areas with me – Rapid DNA and Active Chemical Protection for nucleic acids. Their approach is to learn a new technology quickly, do their own primary market research, then apply what they learn to create very effective marketing programs. The most recent work we’ve done together was to implement HubSpot, a Marketing Automation program that facilitates the design of a marketing campaign with multiple touch points and fulfillments, allowing us to automatically produce very well qualified “call-ready” leads in a remarkably short period of time. Their years of experience in the Life Sciences and their technical expertise are invaluable in delivering real results, not just consulting “fluff”.” Bruce Jamieson, CEO GenTegra, LLC

Let’s consider some options . . .

Generate More Qualified Leads

A great goal, but hard to do.  We’ll need a mix of inbound attraction and outbound presentation.  And then we’ll need to sift the new leads for the best ones.

Thoroughly squeeze every lead

Yup.  Just because a lead is in your database doesn’t mean that you haven’t given it every chance of turning into a sale.  That’s a goal we can help with.

Get the word out. Everywhere. At the same time.

Whoa!  Big goal.  You mean email, PPC, social, and even events?  All in one place, trackable, and quantitative?  No way.
Yes, way.

OK, and what's the payback.

ROI analysis is tough, but with automated, integrated digital marketing systems, you get solid information on what’s working and what isn’t.

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