Our Commitments to our Clients



  1. We will understand your science and technology.

    We will develop a deep and solid grasp of the technologies you have created and the science behind them, so we can help you communicate effectively with your customers and markets.  Our exceptionally strong technical background provides us with unique capabilities to communicate with life scientists.

  2. Our services will be tailored to your specific needs.

    We never develop marketing strategies “by the book”.  There is no book.  There is only your problem, your market and your goals.  We have access and facility with many tools and methods.  We will identify what will work for your specific needs.

  3. We will be astonishingly responsive.

    This is not an exaggeration.  We know that you always need to move quickly.  Opportunities appear at the last minute.  Deadlines appear out of nowhere.  So, when you have a need, we respond.  Period. That’s just how we run out business.

  4. We will help you with strategies as well as execution.

    Our long experience in managing and supporting life science marketing programs allows us to do more for you than just create pretty designs.  We can help you think through your marketing goals to create focused, innovative and successful strategies.  Of course, you’ll look good.  But you’ll also do well.

  5. We will adapt.

    Predicting the future is almost impossible — even if it’s next week.  Schedules change.  Priorities change.  So programs must often pivot.  We can turn on a dime; fire up a new program; redirect a strategy.  Your business needs to move forward with reliable, responsive support.  That’s what we provide.

About Pacific Biomarketing


As an agency, we are not just designers.  We’ve been in the real world as  marketers, sales representatives, executives, designers, distributors, business managers, and technical staff.  We have lived the challenges you live and we can tell the difference between window dressing and solutions that really help.

We take great pride in bringing our experience, insight and creativity to the service of our clients.


Pacific Biomarketing was founded in 2008 by Guy Page, PhD.  After more than a decade as a research scientist and twice as long as a life science marketing professional, Guy launched Pacific Biomarketing to provide an exceptional style of marketing support to life science companies.

Since then, we’ve learned that the clients to whom we bring the greatest value are the smaller life science marketing teams.  These are teams with great technologies and innovative ideas, but often without the staffing and financial resources to generate visibility and fuel sales growth.  Our unique blend of strong science and marketing expertise allows us to provide these clients with an exceptional level of support.  It is our privilege and honor to help these companies grow and deliver their contributions to life scientists.


How to Contact Us

Email: info@pacificbiomarketing.com
Phone: 206-679-8152