See it in Action

You get to see what an automated Inbound Marketing system can do, how it works, and the benefits you can expect from adopting.

Limit Expenses

There’s no subscription; no ongoing commitment.  You know exactly what it’s going to cost and what you will get.

Minimize Time

No set up.  No learning curve.  We manage the system for you.  You get right to work generating and nurturing leads.

 You Need Leads!  

This Technology Preview Program option was designed to focus on Lead Generation.  We use the powerful HubSpot Inbound capabilities to build a campaign that will reach out to your market, draw attention and bring in qualified prospects for your sales funnel.


You Have Leads, But You Need to Improve Conversion!  

Getting Leads is half the battle.  Converting them to sales is the other half.  This second Technology Preview Program option again uses the capabilities of the HubSpot platform to create a structured, strategic conversion pathway that will take your prospect from awareness to close.


The critical first step is a review of your customers, competitors and value proposition.  This review sets the stage for your strategic development.

We will identify and evaluate 100+  keywords based on your target profiles and offerings.  Each keyword will be quantified for potential ranking and expected traffic.  The deliverable is a full keyword report with recommendations for optimal keywords and keyword groupings.

Our competitor analysis focuses on web traffic, diagnostic website scores and ranking for your target keywords.  For each of up to 5 competitors, you will receive a detailed inbound marketing summary report.

One complete inbound marketing campaign with the following elements:

  1. Support in defining and developing a compelling offer strategy that identifies target profiles and buying stages, with recommendations for content.  Deliverable is an actionable strategy map.  Content development is optional.
  2. Landing pages:  create and host on our server up to three landing pages for the campaign.  Conversion tracking for each page.  Additional pages optional.
  3. Support and recommendations for email, ad and blog design. Content optional.
  4. Lead lists:  create, manage and report on smart lists to capture leads from content interactions.
  5. Workflows:  design and host up to three workflows to support content promotion and lead development
  6. Reports:  weekly lead capture and landing page performance, delivery of new leads; monthly campaign performance; final report.

The cornerstone of the program.  Collaboratively, we define the target customer, customer profile, products, buying process, opportunities for engagement and measurable outcomes.

Once the strategy is in place, we will specify the components that are required to execute, including the content specifications, emails needed, forms, landing pages and other operational elements.

We’ve got the strategy and we’ve built the components.  It’s time to rock!   The program components are assembled into automated workflows, tested, ant the marketing switch is flipped.  Our marketing machine goes forward to start turning your leads into sales.

During the campaign and at it’s conclusion, we will be tracking how well each of the steps we prepared works.  Did the customers engage?  Did they move forward?  Did the messages resonate? And, most importantly, did they convert? When all the dust has settled, you will have a far clearer view of what it takes to convert your customers than you do now.

Regardless of whether you continue to implement your own Inbound Marketing solution, you will leave this Preview Program with several significant, tangible takeaways.

  1. New sales leads generated by the program
  2. A strategic assessment of your value proposition and target customers
  3. A selection and evaluation of  keywords to use in your future marketing
  4. An assessment of your Inbound Marketing competitive position, highlighting opportunities for ongoing development
  5. A tested content strategy that you can carry forward, along with content items developed as part of the program
  6. An understanding of how automated Inbound Marketing works and the benefits you can expect to receive from a program of your own

Your Technology Preview program is expected to run for about 12 weeks.  The timing depends largely on content development and availability of yourself and your staff for the early Start Up phases.  The charge for the entire program, including all reports and deliverables, is $4,500.  Any content creation will involve additional charges, as will additional landing pages, workflows, etc.  The program is subject to Pacific Biomarketing standard Terms and Conditions.

Contact us and we’ll answer your questions and get you started.

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